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Curator and artist Ezio Gribaudo f?ted in Lucca

Barbara Smith
June 30, 2011

While working for the art gallery Fratelli Pozzo, Ezio Gribaudo, who was born in Turin in 1929, met almost every great artist of the 1960s and 1970s. With his outgoing, dynamic personality, he persuaded financiers to support avant-garde exhibits, and, an artist himself, he forged lifelong friendships with the artists. In charge of publishing exhibition catalogues, Gribaudo often received gifts of the artists' works. His unique private collection as well as his own paintings-which he exhibited at the 1966 Venice Biennale and again this year at the age of 81-are being showcased at the exhibition, Ezio Gribaudo: Voyage through Memory, currently running in Lucca.


The exhibition begins with a wall of delicate de Chirico drawings. Gribaudo's tenacious promotion helped revive that artist's languishing career in the 1950s. The second room of paintings provides a compressed compendium of works by twentieth-century masters you won't easily see again, including Savinio's Le Navire Perdu, similar to the work of his better-known brother, de Chirico, but with less angst. Also in this room, Pierre Alechinsky's Corps guéris complètement par la médication naturelle is unforgettable, not only for its title.


Gribaudo's own art is a discovery. The Flani and Logogrifi, products of self-invented techniques involving printing plates, blotting and polystyrene, are stark, orderly and icy white. These are in total contrast to the Teatro della Memoria, a series of collages in which misty colors veil mythical animals and archaic symbols-the paraphernalia of his subconscious.



Lu.C.C.A Center of Contemporary Art

via della Fratta 36, Lucca

Until August 28, 2011: Ezio Gribaudo: Viaggi della Memoria Miró, Savino, de Chirico, Fontana, La Biennale di Venezia e i Teatri Senza Tempo del 1966. For details, see




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