Florentinisms: a dictionary of the florentine dialect

Alexandra Lawrence, Francesco Stefanelli
September 15, 2011


So; then. 

Example: ‘Sicchè alla fine siamo andati al teatro.' (‘So, in the end we went to the theatre.')



The soft part of the bread. 

Example: ‘La midolla di codesto pane unnè bona: la si sbriciola tutta!' (‘The soft part of this bread is no good: it's all crumbling apart!')


Un sono mica ripreso dalla piena!

Literally: I didn't come into the city with today's high tide . Figuratively: I wasn't born yesterday. 

Example: ‘O pallino e lo vedo che vu siete in combutta! Un sono mica ripreso dalla piena!' (‘Buddy, you think I can't tell that you two are in cahoots? I wasn't born yesterday you know!')



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