World’s best kissers
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World’s best kissers

Thu 29 Sep 2011 12:00 AM

When it comes to food, history and culture, the Italians and French are close rivals. However, Italy were recently crowned the undisputed master of passion, winning the title ‘best kissers in the world.’

Italians’ skills in romance is a well-established fact among celebrities, with actresses Charlize Theron, Lindsey Lohan and supermodel Naomi Campbell praising Italians’ kissing. Now, a study of 3,000 tourists conducted by Italian sexologist Serenella Salomoni found that Italians won in five different romance categories, among them passion, duration, and even oral hygiene. 

French kissers, although in second place, lost out by a considerable margin of 10 percent. British kissers made it into the top 10, but with only 4 percent calling them ‘the best.’ 

World’s top 10 kissers

Italians 28%

French 17%

Spanish 13%

Greeks 10%

Brazilians 9%

Dutch 8%

Swedish 6%

English 4%

German 3%

Danes 2%

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