AILO Bazaar supports charities around Florence

Editorial Staff
November 25, 2011

Held annually on December 8, the American International League (Onlus) Christmas Bazaar is actually a year-long project for league members, with lots of organization behind it! Members propose charities and their needs, which are then voted on in a certain order. There is no question that decisions in 2011 are difficult, as there is more need than ever. Over the years, AILO, founded in 1975, has raised over €400,000.00 for Florentine charities.  Let's please help them make that number grow significantly this year.


The AILO Christmas fair is on December 8 2011 from 10.30am to 6pm at Le Pagliere (Viale Machiavelli 24, Florence). There are great deals on Christmas decorations, gifts, books, toys and more, as well as a BBQ, games for kids, and a lottery extraction (that takes place at 2:30pm).


AILO 2011 charities

The top ten charities that have been voted to receive funds this year are as follows. Please do your best to help them reach their goals.

APES 'Assistance for People who are Alone' LILT (Italian League for Cancer Therapy) Banco Alimentare della Toscana (Italian Food Bank in Tuscany) ERAM (Music Therapy for neurological disorders) Tuscan Association for Cancer Research P.a.m.a.p.i. - Day center for severely retarded autistic young adults OASI - Halfway house for young offenders released from prison or refugees in transit. Casa di Riposos Piccola Bettania (rest home for the elderly) ProAnimals Onlus - Care of abandoned dogs and cats Associazione Insieme Onlus - community center for recovering addicts.

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