Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Florentine pays tribute to love this issue!

Editorial Staff
February 14, 2013

First, we celebrate romantic love. After the recent legalisation of same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom and France, we believe that it is a fine time to stress that love is love, regardless of race, sex, religion, age or-as illuminated by our exposé on Italian-expat relationships-cultural background.



In this issue we also celebrate other kinds of love: love of style (and some thoughtfully stylish gifts) this Valentine's Day (see Style+the City); love for high-quality craftsmanship and local traditions as shown by Japanese artisan in Florence Shunkan (see article); Alexandra Korey's love for her adopted country and community in the Maremma as the area recovers from last year's flooding (see article); the love that philanthropists from the Friends of Florence have shown for the arts in the city, specifically through their sponsorship of the restoration of the Tribune of the Uffizi (see article); the novelist Stendhal's love of travel, discovery, art and beauty (see article); and love of good food at Giorgio's pasticceria (see article).


As Gandhi said, ‘Where there is love there is life,' and today we celebrate the multiple and varied ways that love can enrich ourselves and our lives, despite any and all obstacles. All you need is love!



Show your love with a gift about Florence and its incredible art. TF Press book To Florence con amore is on sale for Valentine's Day, and Invisible Women is on sale for Women's Day, March 8. Get 20 percent off the cover price of both To Florence con amore and Invisible Women until March 8, 2013. To purchase, go to B&M Bookshop (Borgo Oognissanti 4r); the Paperback Exchange (via delle Oche 4r); or buy them online at www.theflorentinepress.com

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