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Editorial Staff, Marco Badiani
June 6, 2013


News of Invisible Women’s Emmy award, which was announced on June 1, spread rapidly across twitter channels. Take a look at some fans' reactions below.

Based on Jane Fortune’s book of the same name, published by The Florentine Press, the documentary Invisible Women was named Best Documentary in the Cultural/Historical Program category by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Its Italian premiere will be held at the Odeon cinema on June 25 – see http://tinyurl.com/TFEmmy for details.

Time to make room on the mantel at @theflorentine Press! "Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence"won an Emmy! bit.ly/18bTRr2

— Context Italy (@ContextItaly) June 7, 2013

Da non perdere l'appuntamento all'Odeon martedì 25 giugno di #invisiblewomen con @TheFlorentine. Info qui http://t.co/zgd1R3dhLg

— giovanni giusti (@giustig) June 14, 2013

Can't wait to see the invisible at the Odeon in #Florence on June 25 #invisiblewomen

— Helen Farrell (@helencfarrell) June 14, 2013

Trailer for #invisiblewomen http://t.co/Edy3jQibr4 Emmy award winning docu on women artists - premieres next week! http://t.co/An1CrFbDQd

— Hasan Niyazi (@3pipenet) June 14, 2013


@contextitaly @theflorentine Congratulations! Auguri!"Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence"won an Emmy! bit.ly/18bTRr2

— Rome With Kids (@rome_with_kids) June 7, 2013

Don't miss Premiere all'Odeon martedì 25 giugno di #invisiblewomen con @TheFlorentine. Info qui http://t.co/rXKrk1wVEe #firenze #florence

— Marco Badiani (@MarcoBadiani) June 14, 2013


Excited to see #invisiblewomen at the Odeon on June 25 - only 6 euro with proceeds to art restoration in Florence. http://t.co/l20ekq5x6a

— Michelle Tarnopolsky (@MichelleTarno) June 14, 2013

An #emmy to make #invisiblewomen less invisible - documentary wins coveted prize, screens June 25 in #Florence ow.ly/lXK7j

— The Florentine (@TheFlorentine) June 12, 2013


“@theflorentine:#Emmy to make #invisiblewomen less invisible-documentary wins prize,screens June 25 #Florence ow.ly/lXK7j

— Sedef Piker (@SedefsCorner) June 12, 2013


Excited to attend the Invisible Women documentary premiere at the Odeon, June 25 http://t.co/mCAHX2RIGH #florence @TheFlorentine #events

— georgette (@Ggnitaly84) June 13, 2013

RT @theflorentine: An #emmy to make #invisiblewomen less invisible - documentary wins coveted prize, screens June 25 in #Florence...

— Alexandra M. Korey (@arttrav) June 12, 2013


#InvisibleWomen - the event. All the info here - ticket presales now open ow.ly/lSXJJ

— The Florentine (@TheFlorentine) June 10, 2013

Attending the premiere in Florence for this Emmy award winning PBS documentary based on the book by Jane Fortune... fb.me/26WCyRq9E

— Bonnie Marie (@PerfectItalyWed) June 8, 2013

Congrats to #TheFlorentine on winning Emmy - Best Documentary Cultural/Historical Prog:" Invisible Women, Forgotten artists of Florence"!

— Goodluxe (@GoodluxeDesign) June 7, 2013


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