Paranormal Ponte Vecchio

Ghostbusters come to Florence

Helen Farrell
July 11, 2013

Tourists and locals experienced a treat this lunchtime as a team of modern-day ghostbusters tested Florence's iconic bridge in search of supernatural stirrings.

Two sightings of ghosts have been claimed on the Ponte Vecchio this August, hence why the National Ghost Uncover team chose to carry out their detection work on the famous Florentine monument.

President of the National Ghost Uncover association and 'head ghostbuster' Massimo Merendi spoke to The Florentine: “I can tell you that is somebody very famous in terms of Florentine culture, someone who materializes as if they were actually there in the flesh. We have listened to the people who saw the apparitions and carried out some detection on the Ponte Vecchio. As soon as we get the findings we will release them to the mass media.' Merendi emphasized: 'We're ghost discoverers, not ghostbusters as we don't bust or catch anyone'.

National Ghost Uncover was established in 2010 and has 82 members all over Italy.

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