Paintings return from Paris to Bardini

Exhibit at Villa Bardini highlights Jacquemart-André collection

Alexandra Korey
September 12, 2013

The newly opened exhibit at Villa Bardini brings 30 works that were sold by the antiquarian Stefano Bardini in the 19th century back from the Paris museum that now houses them, offering an opportunity to see Renaissance paintings that don't travel often. It's set up in the idyllic context of the villa on Costa san Giorgio, overlooking the Bardini Gardens; paintings are hung on luscious green satin walls, and visitors are few. I highly recommend it as a tiny, perfect exhibit that produces a personalized viewing experience, as close as we can possibly get to what it must have been like to purchase and own these works a century ago.


The Italian collection at the Museo Jacquemart-André features numerous Botticellis, a fantastic Mantegna, a panel by Paolo Uccello, as well as numerous small sculptures and domestic paintings.









There is a childrens' activity in Italian every sunday from 10am to noon, included in the ticket price.


Exhibit information:

Il Rinascimento da Firenze a Parigi. Andata e ritorno

Villa Bardini

Costa San Giorgio 2

September 6 to December 31, 2013


Photo credits: Press photos / copyright Culturespaces, Musée Jacquemart André (link)

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