Community blossoms

Gardens open

Kirsten Hills
October 24, 2013

The United States first invented community gardening—the process of transforming disused urban spaces into greener ones. Now the idea is taking off in Florence. For three years, teams of volunteers have been hard at work constructing a garden for the community.


Florence’s first community garden is testament to how much can be achieved when people work together. It is a project whereby everyone wins: greener spaces are created, healthy food is grown and relationships blossom within the community.


The area on borgo Pinti was once a running track. The white lines marking the circuit are still visible, but the area is now filled with flowerbeds and vegetables are being grown.


Organizer Giacomo Salizzoni: ‘We want people to understand this is a learning garden. It doesn’t produce too much food, but it produces awareness.’


What is produced is shared by the community—a third goes to the volunteers, a third goes back to the garden’s sponsors and another third will be used at social events.


The community garden has had financial support from Florence city council and businesses, but more money is needed. For more information, see


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