In Her Shoes

Editorial Staff
October 24, 2013

Long-awaited changes to Italian legislation have introduced greater protective and preventive measures in the fight against domestic violence to women. In recent months, red shoes have appeared in various Italian cities, such as here in San Gimignano, as a striking symbol against domestic violence, based on the Zapatos Rojos (‘red shoes’) art project first realized in 2009 by Mexican artist Elina Chauvet.


Florence is riding a female-foremost wave with a series of events throughout the city, especially among the English-speaking community. From book presentations to film screenings, from artisanal fairs to conferences, women-centred events are becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence in the city of the Renaissance.


In this issue, The Florentine brings you a guide to the 50 Days of International Cinema festival. This year’s fil rouge is, in fact, the prevention of violence against women and the films screened cast light on the positive role played by females in society.


In Florence, feminism is stamping its elegant and perfectly clad foot.

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