From self-portrait to pop art

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Georgette Jupe-Pradier
November 7, 2013

Visual artist Jan Fabre imagines men with donkey ears, Japanese Yokoo Tadanori creates ‘funeral’ masks in pop colors emblazoned with the phrase ‘dreaming me, shh,’ while Andy Warhol transforms people into black and white ‘comics’ with spots of purple: these are just a few of the hot names in the world of contemporary art on view at this year’s Laboratorio Novecento: Incarnazioni, which runs until November 30 at the Sala delle Reali Poste at the Uffizi Gallery.

With the body as this year’s theme, part of the exhibition is a free workshop that invites visitors to participate in contemporary art.


Pop Your Body workshop is open to school groups, families and individual adults. Participants will be asked to sport a ‘confident and brazen attitude’ while their photo is taken; they then make their self-portraits into pop art.


The exhibit and participation in the workshop is free, but those wishing to participate must make reservations. The hours for school groups are 10am to noon, Monday to Friday. Hours for families and individual adults are 10am to noon on Saturdays. (N.B. On November 9, the workshop will begin at 3pm.)


For details and to make reservations, go to (or

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