LA band rocks Florence

Local Natives for the first time at Viper Theater

Lauren Burge
November 7, 2013


On November 12, students and young people alike were waiting in the chilly weather in a long line, waiting to see two great artists play at Viper Theatre: Aussie band Cloud Control and Los Angeles band Local Natives. The excitement built up and chatter could be heard about past performances as well as predictions about which songs would be played that night. At 9.35pm, the doors were flung open and smiles were seen all around. Everyone piled into the venue picking his or her own spot from the top balcony or below, close to the stage.



Alternative rock band Cloud Control performed first. The crowd reacted by dancing and singing along. Head bobs and slender shakes were seen across the dance floor. The band’s energy was upbeat and funky. When the band played the song ‘Gold Canary’, positive feedback echoed all over the intimate venue. The crowd began to sing along and shake to the psychedelic beat. After a few songs, the band attempted to speak to the Italian crowd saying ‘grazie’ and ‘Siamo molto felici essere qui’ (we are very happy to be here). The strength of the keyboard player’s vocals, Heidi Lenffer, along with guitarist Alister Wright singing simultaneously proved impressive. The sound of Cloud Control was rhythmically interesting, impacted by their unique voices. After a short performance the band packed up and the crowd anxiously waited for Local Natives to come on.



As soon as the stage was set and ready to go, Local Natives stepped on with an air of confidence. Female voices were heard screaming, ‘Play Wide Eyes!’ in the middle of the crowd. Others smiled from ear to ear waiting for the band to kick off with a song. Sure enough, the band opened with the beautifully designed song, ‘Breakers’. The momentum kept building up as the band transitioned from one song to the next. All members were bursting with energy and excitement that transgressed into the crowd. Young voices were heard singing along to crowd favorites like ‘Heavy Feet’, ‘You & I’ and ‘Ceilings’. The various songs chosen for the performance impressed members of the crowd. American student, Shea Hazarian said, ‘They played "Camera Talk" off their first album, and they just put so much energy into it. I got this moment of nostalgia from when I saw them before, right after I had moved to college. It was euphoric!’


In between songs lead singer and guitarist Taylor Rice said ‘grazie mille!’ thanking the crowd for coming out. As their first time in Florence, the band rocked. From one song to the next, feet were stomping and bodies were moving back and forth to the unpredictable beat. After performing non-stop with all passion and heart, Local Natives left the stage and the crowd was roaring for an encore. After a few minutes the band came back out to play one last song, ‘Sun Hands’. Sweat dripped from every member’s face. Shredding of the guitars, harder beats of the drums and smooth notes from the bass complemented the song. Live, this song was phenomenal. It was the perfect ending to a spectacular performance.

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