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Food bloggers to present at the Oblate

Katie Acompora
January 30, 2014

Ever wonder about the genius and innovation required to cultivate a successful food dish? Beginning on February 26 at the Caffetteria delle Oblate, food bloggers will publicly express their personal experiences with cooking, enlightening us to the creative process behind each recipe. They will then design an appetizer of the day, in collaboration with the cooks of the cafeteria. The first blogger to present will be Claudia Ciabattini, who is behind Her fundamental approach is to bring to light the art of reworking leftover meals. The lineup for the program is ‘Sweet Recipes’ by Marco Rossi on March 26, ‘Gingerglutenfree’ by Gaia Murarolli on April 16, and ‘Fork Globetrotter’ by Chiara and Brandi on June 11, along with the winners of the Apericena family recipe contest. If you have a traditional family recipe that you would like to contribute to the Apericena family contest, you are encouraged to e-mail your recipe to [email protected], or leave it in the cafeteria. A judge will vote and choose the best recipes. The winning dishes will then be cooked by the cafeteria chefs at a special apericena, where the winner will be announced. All events are free. For more information, visit

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