Nothing virgin about this oil

Harrod’s bans sale of false Tuscan oil

Katie Acompora
January 30, 2014

The Italian government is acclaimed for its confiscation of counterfeit goods. So what happens when Harrod's tries to sell pseudo ‘Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil,’ olive oil that claims to be derived from 100% pure Tuscan olives.


The Italian ministry of agriculture has taken serious and necessary measures to identify the case at hand. ‘The suspension of marketing by Harrods of extra-virgin olive oil sold as Tuscan, in violation of the rules on geographical indications, is testimony to the strong commitment that Italy brings forward in the fight against counterfeiting,’ said minister of agriculture, food and forestry Maurizio Martina.


The recent investigation findings conclude that the company that sold the counterfeit oil IGP Toscano in London lacked the proper certification and requirements for its sale. 


One thing for sure is that the Italian government will stay determined to ensure that its representation and products are authentic. ‘Protection and promotion of authentic Made in Italy in the world,’ said Martina, ‘is a top priority of the government, as well as a strategic mission for the national economy.’

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