A pillar of surveillance

Keeping an eye on justice (and other monuments)

Katie Acompora
February 27, 2014

Now, every slight movement of the Column of Justice in piazza Santa Trinita is under intense surveillance.


A special sensor was placed on top of this granite 1581 statue that was given to Cosimo I in 1560 by Pope Pius IV. The device was placed as a precautionary measure intended to ensure the safety of pedestrians as well as workers in the square after a minor difference in the alignment of the statue was noticed.


The fine arts administration of the City Council has arranged to monitor other monuments in Florence, the first of which is an examination by crane of Palazzo Vecchio in order to survey the stability of the stones that hold up this building and its damage over past years.


Expect more checks to take place in church of San Giovannino degli Scolopi and the former Leopoldine convent, located in piazza Santa Maria Novella where the new Museum of 20th-century Art will be opened on April 30. Other sites that will be studied include Porta San Giorgio, the Lippi-Rucellai oratory, and the Column of Abundance in piazza della Repubblica and Porta Romana.

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