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Sara Amrhein
September 11, 2014

If you’re new in Florence or if you’re looking for something original to do in the Tuscan city, then you might want to join Creative People in Florence. The group began as a collaboration among American artists Sara Amrhein and Anna Rose and Danish photographer Birgitte Brøndsted four years ago. What originally started out with a simple Craigslist ad looking to form an artists’ community has now become a popular Facebook group, a vibrant blog and regular meet-ups. Fun, diverse and internationally minded, Creative People in Florence provides a community where people can share ideas, form collaborations, build their portfolios, show their work and participate in a creative lifestyle.

Detail of Phase 1 (2005), by Erin Ciulla


Creative People in Florence has a larger goal of promoting progressive thinking and new ideas that can help to form a new Florentine Renaissance and bring the city up to par with other important art cities throughout the world. To that end, this autumn, writer Nardia Plumridge (Lost in Florence) approached the group about collaborating on an exciting series of workshops and demonstrations by the group’s members. Join Creative People in Florence on Facebook and follow the blog for all the latest events

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