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September 11, 2014

Florence is a city that blows your mind with its beauty and brains. The city even has its very own psychosomatic illness, Stendhal syndrome, affecting those who are faced with exceptional and intense visions of beauty (see theflr.net/stendhal3). So if you feel a bit dizzy after spending too much time in the Accademia and the Uffizi, don’t worry, it’s happened to us all.

As an antidote, this issue of The Florentine offers four lesser-known museums to explore (page 26) and a student’s account of overcoming myriad hurdles to choose Florence as her home (page 24).


However, you might feel a bit confused when you encounter a bidet for the first time in Florence, so in our digital issue (exclusive to subscribers at theflr.net/pdfsub), we illustrate some hilarious alternative uses of the European bathroom fixture in video and poster form—not to be missed!


If you’re still feeling faint, we have the perfect solution: the TF Pillow Fight. On September 24 at 6.30pm, come along to piazza del Duomo and challenge The Florentine team (we’re nice really!) to a fluffy feud, followed by light refreshments offered by bedding store Piumini Danesi. 


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