The Florentine crossword

Brendan Donaghy
November 6, 2014

Thinking caps and pens at the ready to fill out our Florentine crypitic crossword!


8 Against 26 wine losing its Greek character (4)

9 Popular book and an innovative film about a deadly weapon (6,4)

10 Bait 24 about keeping a horse (6)

11 Very funny feature about a river or a good ship (8)

12 City employs leading lawman to help enforce order (8)

14 Infamous son of 12 wrote about one epic battle with Royal Navy (6)

16 Can of beer with vitamin content (4)

17 large number keen to see 12’s favourite subject (5)

18 A short extract from Martin Chuzzlewit? (4)

19 12’s eminent family doctor’s use of one… (6)

21 …hasn’t led to cure for 12’s syndrome (8)

23 The one who pays when soldiers retreat without plan (8)

26 Cuts out article from 12, say (6)

27 A square in 12 where a larva soon hatches (10)

28 Storyteller gets back on track? (4)




1 Sick about content of popular story, as is the Pope (10)

2 Pampered doggies devour last of caviar and throw up (8)

3 Container vehicle with a heavy load (6)

4 Dali’s melted clock face (4)

5 Rushed operation caused irritation on both sides (8)

6 Submachine gun, very loud one, used inside 12’s gallery (6)

7 12’s flower has Conrad’s heart in a spin (4)

13 The king’s evil? (5)

15 Ridiculous creature that crows in the morning - before noon that is (10)

17 Mia performs with randy rustic type (8)

18 Attempt on river is hard work (8)

20 Accommodation for retired soldier above the gents (6)

22 Partner almost gets set up (6)

24 Get an A in test about Windsor Castle? (4)

25 In 12 with a view to secure boat’s return (4)



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