Pitti Uomo 87 trend review

Layers, more than metrosexual and shocking details

Kaylee Denmead
December 4, 2014

My awareness of how well everyone was dressed started bright and early on a 7:30am flight from Frankfurt to Florence on Tuesday morning. Having already flown from New York to Frankfurt, complete with a delay thanks to freezing rain in NY and a layover at 5:15 AM when my mind thought it was 11:15 PM, it’s safe to say my leggings and crinkly denim shirt were not my best look. As I waited for my short flight that would finally take me back to Florence and, more importantly, back to my bed, well-dressed men and women surrounded me. Slim-cut trousers, thick knits, long coats, and a peek of ankle were seen on just about every man and woman. I even caught sight of a pair of the infamous Chanel sneakers—they were tweed, sequined, and far too fabulous for the dinky Florence airport. I tried to blend into my seat, wondering both what was going on and how I could make it through without being noticed.


These men and women who were heading to Florence on my flight were ready to hit the streets for Pitti Uomo, a bi-yearly platform for menswear fashion and accessories. As if Florence isn’t fashionable enough on a daily basis, since Pitti Uomo has entered town it suddenly seems like every street is a runway. How dare I even run down to my favorite bar without first addressing my outfit and making sure I come close to trendy? With my apartment being placed between the Fortezza, where the trade show is being held, and central Florence, all of my local spots are swamped with the most handsome men imaginable, accompanied by well-dressed ladies.


So what exactly does it take to fit in or, even better, to stand out among the crowd?


Begin at the bottom

My first bit of advice is to begin at the bottom. This year’s Pitti men and women start with their shoes and work their outfits up from there. Going strong is the sportswear trend, and colorful kicks are seen on many men and women. If you don’t see sneakers, than leather loafers or ankle boots in both solid and multi-tone hues have been bestowed upon Pitti’s most fashionable males, while women have stuck to chunky black boots and the occasional heel (which in my opinion, is a major challenge against the cobblestones). Whether these shoes are paired with trousers, jeans or drop-crotch pants on a man doesn’t matter as long as two cuffs reveal the peak of a daring ankle or fun sock choice. If you’ve taken the denim route, a tight fit is of major importance and layers up top complete the look. Drop-crotch pants that come in slim at the ankle and those same layers with denim are paired with this choice too. Thick sweaters with patterned sports jackets and longer wool coats draped over shoulders offers the perfect paparazzi moment as long as bright pocket squares poke out of both. When it comes to men’s suits, patterned and matching is of utmost prominence in darker shades. The men have been sure to keep a patterned tie, pocket square or button up in the same color scheme in order to make all those patterns blend for an everyday look. Chunky knit scarves are draped over many men, as well as structured felt hats or slouchy beanies, reflective sunnies, and the perfect amount of facial hair… not too scruffy, not too well-kept.


Layer upon layer – the Pitti woman

While the men looked more feminine than ever, the women took some cues from the boys. In dark palettes, boyfriend jeans, deep sweaters, felt hats and structured, lengthy jackets, the women of Pitti Uomo look better than ever. Similar to the men, the ladies also have layers upon layers, with beanies popped onto the heads of more people than not. Jackets are thigh length and longer, with bold prints on the sassier of ladies, and black on the more classic goers. Many jackets are slightly oversized and overwhelming, worn on the chicest of men and women. The ladies still play up leather and fur accents, but it seems that the fun, loud bags seen in the summer were traded for more subtle and classic leather totes of all shapes and sizes. 



This year, at Pitti Uomo, it’s about perfectly placed details and complimentary accents, but in many ways anything goes. Men and women are trading each other for ideas this season. The more layers, the better the look. Though it’s the middle of winter, these looks have no season and can seemingly work year round, give or take a layer and a beanie. In order to see the looks for yourself, take to the streets near the Fortezza and truly take in the styles. It will only take you a few minutes to spot plenty of style inspiration, and I guarantee you’ll see at least five handsome guys while you’re at, which is always a plus. Stop by a bar near the Fortezza and you are almost guaranteed to sit near one of Florence’s most fashionable. If you are already one of Florence’s most fashionable, than this is your moment to shine amongst your peers. Get out there and strut your stuff… Every street is a runway during Pitti Uomo.

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