Ciompi flea market to move to largo Annigoni

Market traders and the city council agree on location

Editorial Staff
January 5, 2015 - 11:00

The city’s popular flea market has been moved from its historic home in piazza dei Ciompi to largo Annigoni on a provisional basis.

Mercato dei Ciompi


The City of Florence approved the move at the end of 2015, allocating space for 27 daily market holders in largo Annigoni and the 57 monthly traders in the covered area in piazza Ghiberti. The decision has been made due to the need to dismantle the existing market building and remove the asbestos in the roof covering the stalls.


City councillor for economic development Giovanni Bettarini commented, ‘We have kept our promise to find space best suited to the traders’ needs. Now we’ll proceed with the work needed for an area long awaited by the city’s residents.’

Largo Annigoni


The solution has met with approval by the Ciompi market holders, who have always preferred this space due to its high visibility and footfall.  The alternative proposed by the City was the nearby Gratta gardens.


It is believed that the move will take place as soon as possible before work begins on the original buildings erected in 1968.

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