Pisa’s Leaning Tower in San Francisco

Pisa exports its world-famous monument to California

Kaylee Denmead
January 15, 2015

As an initiative to celebrate the 950th year since construction work commenced on Pisa Cathedral and Galileo Galilei’s 450th birthday, Pisa and Tuscany are encouraging Americans to visit and see the sights. With a focus on California’s San Francisco, Pisa and Tuscany are working to attract visitors, encouraging them to take in the art and culture that the city of the Leaning Tower offers.


To bring awareness to the West Coast, events have been planned to show travelers what Pisa has to offer. The first is a contest for high school students enrolled in public or private schools in San Francisco and New York. Lasting until March 24, 2015, students can compete in “The Pisan Romanesque Meets Contemporary America” contest by using stylistic features of the Leaning Tower and the Duomo to create an original work of visual art as well as introducing these medieval styles to their everyday lives.


Until February 15, 2015, an eight-foot tall Leaning Tower of Pisa will stand in San Francisco’s Westfield Center.


A food and wine tasting event is being organised for professionals, tour operators, journalists and representatives of several leading institutions in San Francisco.


For more information on the San Francisco events, visit www.pisatowerinsanfrancisco.com.

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