A taste of Tuscany… In Milan

EXPO 2015

Brenda Dionisi
February 5, 2015

Since the world will be coming to Milan from May to October for the Universal Fair, why not take Tuscany there to meet it? Regional officials recently announced that the Tuscan Region will make the most of this rare opportunity to showcase il buon vivere toscano—particularly the region’s unique history, art, culture, economy and biodiversity. With two exhibition spaces, Tuscany will promote local businesses and regional excellence.



photo by Giampaolo Macorig


More than a year ago, Tuscany was the first region in Italy to sign a memorandum of understanding with Expo 2015 organizers to secure a space inside the Italy Pavilion, ensuring that the region’s local institutions and businesses could showcase local products. Since then, regional officials have developed initiatives to best represent Tuscany as a universal symbol of il buon vivere (‘the good life’), which is the central theme of the Region’s promotional campaign during Expo 2015.


President of the Tuscan Region, Enrico Rossi, further explained the concept at a July 2014 conference: ‘Tuscany far from the same old clichés. Tuscany seen as a “global laboratory for quality of life” in which to nourish both body and soul. A region that is committed to maintaining its famous history and lifestyle intact while keeping up with the times. A place where innovation and centuries-old heritage co-exist in harmony.’ In connecting with the theme of Expo 2015, ‘Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life,’ Rossi said, the Tuscan Region would promote region’s long-standing dedication to research and innovation applied to all economic sectors, including food.


In late January 2015, regional officials announced that Tuscany would have a second exhibition space in Milan city centre. The space (expected to be 400 square metres; exact location still to be determined) will be open for the entire duration of Expo 2015, enabling Tuscan businesses and authorities to further promote local products and services and host events, such as wine and food tastings and business-to-business meetings.


During the Expo, Tuscany will be the site of several meetings and conferences on themes ranging from quality of life and the economics of happiness to food research and innovation, sustainable development, biodiversity, and welfare and social policies.


For more information on these upcoming events, see the dedicated site (in Italian) www.expotuscany.it.


photo by Michela Simoncini


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Tickets for Expo 2015 have gone on sale and can be purchased online at www.expo2015.org/en/tickets.


Tickets can be purchased for an open date (choose the date later) or for a specific date. The standard ticket is 32 euro per day. In addition to ‘early bird’ deals, with savings of up to 20 percent, which run until May 1, 2015, there are other discounts: reduced prices are available for families, seniors; and school groups; children under four and differently abled visitors enter free.

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