Coffee for a poem

Write a verse, get a latte

Francesca Giordano
April 2, 2015

What do you use to pay for your coffee every morning? Many may use coins, but Chalet Fontana along tree-lined viale Galileo Galilei is switching it up.


Every Sunday in April, Chalet Fontana is allowing customers to order their coffee in exchange for a poem. These verses will be collected and published on Chalet Fontana’s Facebook page. The author of the poem who receives the most “likes” will win a free dinner at the historic restaurant.


Antonella Giachetti, head of cultural events at the eatery, hopes to re-launch the vocation of Chalet Fontana, a place that in the past has been a crossroads for artists and poets such as Ottone Rosai and Vasco Pratolini. He hopes that the Chalet will go back to being a place for discussion and reflection.


Tullio Fontana opened Chalet Fontana in 1896 as a tobacconist’s shop and coffee bar. In the 20th century it was turned into a bar and restaurant. After being closed for several years, Chalet Fontana reopened earlier this year.

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