Crowdfunding Dante filming in Iceland

Adventure documentary seeks final production financing

Editorial Staff
May 28, 2015

Young filmmaker Sofia E. Rovati dives deep into the unknown as she debuts her first feature documentary film following an Italian cryptographer’s journey to the Holy Grail, and announces a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete the production of her ambitious project, Finding Thule.


The mysterious man behind this quest is Giancarlo Gianazza, Italian mathematician-turned-explorer who dedicated over ten years of his life to deciphering the Divine Comedy. Translating poetry into geographical coordinates, he turns the book into a numerical map that leads him to the ancient land of Thule, today known as Iceland.


Together with a group of fellow believers Mr Gianazza ventures into unexplored regions of Iceland, in the Kjölur highlands on the path of a journey already accomplished over 700 years ago.


Partly truth and partly fiction, the inkling between Dante, the Holy Grail and Iceland comes from a Nordic saga that narrates the coming of 80 white-dressed knights, which the researcher identifies as Knights Templar.


The film crew who followed Mr Gianazza during last year’s expedition is getting ready to go back to Iceland and film the final stage of the adventure. For the first time in ten years the team of explorers will open an excavation that will unravel this mystery and finally mark the end of this quest.


The plan is to raise money to bring the film crew back to Iceland, where the adventure takes place, and film the excavation of ‘what could be the greatest archaeological discovery of our time’, the director explains.


Join the adventure and become a backer of the project, contributing to the documentary fundraising on Kickstarter:


The campaign will be live until July 2.

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