Mourning Sergio Pezzati

Editorial Staff
July 15, 2015 - 17:00

Founder of the Tuscan-American Association and the Filippo Mazzei Association, Hon. Sergio Pezzati died on July 3, 2015, the eve of the US Independence Day, a day that he held dear for the values of freedom it represented.


Former mayor of Poggio a Caiano and a congressman for a decade, Pezzati developed relationships between Tuscany and the United States in the name of the Tuscan patriot Filippo Mazzei, a friend of Thomas Jefferson who Pezzati recognised as the earliest exporter of ideas and products to the then emergent America.


In addition to founding two bilingual magazines Mazzei Gazette and Italy America, still in operation, Pezzati organized tours to the United States, especially to Virginia, the land of Mazzei and Jefferson, making a pivotal contribution to the spread of interest in the Italian language and culture while developing economic relationships. Over the years, Pezzati met with presidents, among them George Bush and Bill Clinton, and with leading members of the Italian-American community, including Frank Stella, Rudolph Giuliani, Mario and Matilda Cuomo and Justice Dominic Massaro).


Pezzati will be remembered as a politician who devoted himself tirelessly to developing links between Tuscany and the United States, and for his integrity and belief in the basic principles of freedom.

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