American expat self-publishes memoir of Florence

American expat self-publishes memoir of Florence

Thu 01 Oct 2015 12:00 AM


Susan Kelley is an American expat who has spent 16 years living in Florence with her husband William Kelley, a renowned painter (see Now Kelley has published her personal memoir of life in the Renaissance city: Ciao Pussy! A Memoir of Florence.


With five nonfiction books to date and having been featured as a guest relationship expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Kelley’s book sheds light on the trials and struggles of navigating a relationship that, for many years, was divided between Florida and Florence, as well as her difficulty in committing permanently to Florence. Her novel comes alive as it speaks about Kelley and her husband’s attempts to consolidate their creative careers—hers for writing, his for painting—in a foreign city and country, and in their attempts to find a balance between Florida and Florence.


Ciao Pussy: A Memoir of Florence also gives detailed descriptions of Kelley’s preferred spots in Florence, with contact information for the author’s top spots, and even includes a list of Kelley’s favourite recipes.


With over 45 years of experience as a professional model and actress, Susan Kelley offers a unique insight into Florence and Italy, with contacts among Italian royalty, legendary rock stars and a Turkish princess who inadvertently lent her name to the book, referred to among her friends as “Ciao Pussy”.


The novel is a testament to Kelley’s expertise in relationships and marriages, her depth of knowledge of Florence and her love for writing.


Susan Kelley currently lives between Florence, Italy, and Sarasota, Florida, and she has 11 grandchildren.


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