‘Florence and the Uffizi’ film premieres

Florence in 3D

Editorial Staff
November 5, 2015 - 10:00


Choosing perhaps the most evocative setting to screen a premiere on Florence, Sky 3D presented Florence and the Uffizi Gallery 3D/4K in the Palazzo Vecchio’s Salone del Cinquecento. Following the opening words, ‘Florence is everything,’ spoken by an actor playing Lorenzo the Magnificent, the film takes the viewer on a multisensory journey through Florence’s Renaissance. Using more than 10 museum locations and 150 artworks, the film’s highlights include Michelangelo’s David, Leonardo’s Annunciation, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Caravaggio’s Shield of Medusa.


At the press conference in Rome, Italy’s culture minister, Dario Franceschini, commented, ‘This wonderful showing of Florence’s extraordinary beauty makes us see how we can share Italy’s cultural heritage globally.’


Made in collaboration with Sky Arte HD, Nexo Digital and Magnitudo Film, after opening in 240 movie theaters throughout Italy in early November, the film will be distributed in more than 60 countries, including England, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.


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