English language movies in Florence in December

What to see this month

James Douglas
December 3, 2015

Subject to change. For up-to-date details and show times, see the Odeon's website.

ODEON Cinema

piazza Strozzi 2, tel. 055/295051


December 14–15


Nothing can prepare you for the end. Except Lionsgate’s pre-publicity for the concluding part of its fantastically lucrative ($2 billion) Hunger Games franchise. President Snow is the one enemy and Katniss Everdeen along with her stalwarts is on a mission to liberate Panem and terminate the oppressor with extreme prejudice. If you’ve bought into its violent dystopian universe and inspiring messages of female empowerment (?), the final showdown will prove an irresistible and satisfying conclusion to the tetralogy that Jennifer Lawrence has so competently embellished. With zombies. ‘What makes the material still feel personal — other than the yearslong investment and love that transform entertainments into fan communities — is the combination of Katniss and Ms. Lawrence, who have become a perfect fit’ (New York Times).

December 16–31


What will J J Abrams make of Episode VII of the world’s most popular space opera, often mistaken for futuristic sci-fi? Backed of course by Lucasfilm and distributed by Disney, this seemingly unbeatable franchise has more or less guaranteed box office success ahead. With extreme secrecy being maintained throughout production, little is given away in trailers and pre-publicity. Which all works to build expectations, of course. Skilled marketing strategies are not unknown to Hollywood multinationals, though epic failures can sometimes take executives by surprise. Expect all the regulars plus some newcomers, and the digital magic that wasn’t available for the first outing (Episode IV) in 1977 will no doubt dazzle and inspire in this first part of the planned sequel trilogy. The Force Will Be With You. In 2D.

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