Concerts in Paradise

Opera del Duomo Museum to host music series

Alexandra Korey
December 12, 2015 - 7:00

The concert series “Note al Museo” is the first initiative planned by the new Opera del Duomo Museum to open up the space to other forms of art. Four free evening concerts have been announced for December 17, 2015, January 21, February 25 and March 17, 2016 at 9pm.


The monthly classical music concerts in the museum are designed to complement the “O Flos Colende” musical lineup held through the spring and summer in the Duomo in the warmer area of the museum. The two programmes combined will create twelve monthly musical appointments throughout the year.




The concerts are to be held in the Sala del Paradiso, the very large space in which the original façade of the Duomo is reproduced. This area of the museum was previously a theatre – one of the city’s biggest, seating 2500 people – so the music performed here goes back to the building’s origins. A test held last month found the space to have good acoustics, to the happy surprise of the organizers.


“With these concerts,” says curator Monsignor Timothy Verdon, “the Opera del Duomo Museum enters into the grand tradition of European museums as salotto buono, a place for high level concerts, conferences and more, to rediscover the beauty of art in all its forms.”


The programme highlights young Italian talents performing classical repertoires, evoking the romantic atmospheres of Debussy and Ravel or following in the musical footsteps of great masters such as Händel and Rossini. Entry to the concerts is free (no museum ticket required) upon reservation by email ([email protected]) or phone (+39 055 2302885). Space is limited to 200 seats per concert. The full programme is available online (in Italian).

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