Saint Patrick’s Day 2016 in Florence

Where to have a “whale of a time”

Mary Gray
March 16, 2016 - 11:49

Paint the town green! St. Patrick's Day festivities in Florence may be few, but fun is guaranteed. Celebrations start on Thursday and extend through the weekend. 



St. Patrick's Day Party at Finnegan
March 17, from 1pm
Finnegan Irish Pub, via San Gallo 123r, Florence

Get an early start: the friendliest Irish pub in Florence will be open at 1pm. Live music will begin at around 6.30pm, and there will be Guinness-themed giveaways, green beer and a good old time until late.

Whisky Trail in Concert
March 17, 9pm
Teatro del Borgo, via di San Bartolo 97, Florence

Whisky Trail is an Irish-inspired Florentine band with forty years of experience under its belt. For 7 euro, tune into a mix of dreamlike sounds and Irish dance songs at Teatro del Borgo. There will also be an Irish beer tasting. Call 328.602007 to book your tickets.

Irlanda in Festa!
March 18, 8.30pm
Obihall, via Fabrizio de' Andre (lungarno Aldo Moro), Florence

Go Gaelic at the Obihall! Florence’s Irish Festival is back in its 21st edition. The evening starts with an 8.30pm performance from Irish duo Marco Fabbri and Christy Leahy, followed by the John McSherry Band (9pm) and Red Pack (11pm). Tickets are available via Boxol.


O'Brian Bombers
March 19, 10pm
Dublin Pub, via Faenza 27r, Florence

Stop by this cozy spot on via Faenza to hear live music from a local band that's branded their sound "Irish drunken folk music."


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