Oltrarno Recordings: music from the left bank

Oltrarno Recordings: music from the left bank

Sun 10 Apr 2016 1:25 PM

The Oltrarno, buzzing core of Florence’s artsy riverside, has its very own record label and you can find them today inside Stibbert Museum’s Limonaia, where an outdoor marketplace will be showcasing some of Florence’s indie record labels (For more info check out the event on our website).

Launched in October 2015, Oltrarno Recordings is an act of love by a handful of young producers and deejays scattered between Berlin and Florence, with the sole purpose of showcasing some of the national and international electro scene’s best acts.

“Oltrarno Recordings was born out of a will to foster all kinds of music, but with a watchful eye on the electronic and dance movement, especially when it comes to our vinyl catalogue. We are not interested in branding ourselves with a specific genre” explains Antonio Pecori, label founder with Stefano Meucci and Andrea Giachetti. The crew also includes eclectic Florentine DJ Teo Naddi and Guido Silvestri, their Berlin man. Their first release, “Worlds” by V.A., was recently followed up Antonio – aka Soutine – Pecori’s striking deep-house solo debut EP “Oz”.

Oltrarno Recordings

The cover of one of their latest releases.

Their take-over plan aims well beyond the Oltrarno, but their roots are strong. “We found that we shared a similar approach with this more artisanal part of Florence, the way it fosters its artists and a subtle beauty that fascinates only those who are willing to let it draw them in. Someone else would have perhaps highlighted the affiliation with Berlin and its more international allure, but we preferred to stick to the workshops and streets where we grew up. In the future we’d like to enrich our work collaborating with video artists and visual designers.

Don’t miss Oltrarno Recordings’ events and album launches: it’s set to be a hot season on the left bank!

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