Ferragamo family launches Bolle di Borro

Ferragamo family launches Bolle di Borro

Tue 12 Apr 2016 3:31 PM

Launched at this year’s Vinitaly, the new sparkling rose’ wine from the Ferragamo family proved the surprise of the fair for wine lovers and the international press.




Made from 100% Sangiovese grapes from Il Borro estate in the Arezzo countryside, Bolle di Borro (“Borro Bubbles”) applies the classic winemaking method to grapes that spend a patient 48 months on their yeasts. The grapes all come from a single vineyard, the Polissena, which lends its name to Il Borro’s 100% Sangiovese red: dry, bodied and high on tannin.


Those same attributes apply to Bolle di Borro. Frank on the nose, the new sparkler from the Ferragamo family is dry and well structured in the mouth, while a pleasure to drink thanks to its freshness and saltiness, typical of this area of Central Tuscany. Plus, it’s a joy to behold: an unusual shade of pink that is reminiscent of a Tuscan sunset, onion skin verging on salmon, goes hand in hand with the finest of perlages, perky when poured, lasting in the glass.


Luca Martini, who won the Best Sommelier in the World title in 2013, led the tasting at Il Borro’s stand in Verona, a born communicator whose mission was to demonstrate that Bolle di Borro is a food-flexible wine. The bubbles proved a perfect match with Chef Andrea Campani’s fish and offal dishes, and even stood up to dessert.


Brimming with bubbles and the delight of tasting something entirely new on Tuscany’s wine scene, I complimented Salvatore Ferragamo. His parting words: “It’s been a fun project.”


Fun—and outstanding, Salvatore.




Bolle di Borro will release shortly.

Expected retail price 35 euro.

Limited edition: 6,000 bottles.


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