A new ground for Guelfi
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A new ground for Guelfi

Fri 29 Apr 2016 8:38 AM

The A.S.D. Guelfi has been Florence’s American football team for the past 16 years, with the intent of sharing the passion for one of the USA’s most popular and riveting pastimes. Now, after being promoted to the IFL’s Serie A after years as a top tier team in the second division, the club has taken another giant step forward: recently inaugurating its brand new stadium complex.


The entirely renovated infrastructure is easy to reach and is located in the Quartiere 4. The project has been made possible thanks to joint efforts by the Guelfi and Florence mayor Dario Nardella, with the shared objective of redeveloping and revitalizing the San Bartolo a Cintoia neighborhood, thus creating a facility that meets the needs of the sporting community as well as an attraction for fans and families alike. The stadium’s brand-new artificial turf is perfectly suited for other sports as well, such as soccer. Moreover, the facility boasts several collateral amenities, providing services for the local community, such as a state-of-the-art gym that even offers CrossFit courses, a restaurant, a children’s area and an ample parking lot.


In Italy, American football may not be the most popular discipline, but the Guelfi have always devoted serious energy to spreading the sport’s fundamentals: passion, energy, grit, loyalty, courage, team spirit and tactical wit. The contagious enthusiasm that the club puts forth has created an ever bigger fan base, which now follow and support the team at the new stadium. Games are disputed in a spirit of festivity, and represent a perfect outdoors get-together occasion for families.


Considering the team’s rising popularity, achieved also thanks to the marketing and communication company Touchdown Srl, as well as the Guelfi’s recent sporting success, and combining these two factors with the presence of a large American community in Florence, the club has witnessed an increase in applications by American players and coaches, key to continuing the growth process. Moreover, besides the men’s Serie A team, the Guelfi also boast a women’s team (the Elfe) and a youth sector (open to kids from age 12).


The club’s training sessions also take place at the brand new facility, and are open to all those who wish to attend or take part in them. For more information on how to participate, or know more about the team, you can visit their official website and social media profiles. 

On April 30 at 4pm, Dario Nardella will officially inaugurate the new Guelfi stadium, with a game to follow at 6pm.


Guelfi Sport Center

via del Perugino 45/1, Florence

Tel. +39 389 8387840

Email info@guelfifirenze.it

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