Clet’s Common Man returns to ponte alle Grazie

French contemporary artist’s answer to Fabre

Editorial Staff
May 4, 2016 - 12:10

French contemporary artist Clet has re-installed his Common Man on Ponte alle Grazie.


When the fiberglass statue first made its appearance on the bridge in 2011, it was removed by city officials within a few weeks. After Clet retrieved it from the city’s deposits, the work was purchased by Parco dei Renai in Signa. In June 2013 the artist then installed a polystyrene copy on the bridge’s parapet. That, too, was removed.

In response to the city’s recent showcasing of contemporary artwork in public spaces, Clet has installed yet another version of the Common Man on Ponte alle Grazie.

Commenting on this most recent installation, Clet said, “This time it’s made to last … Florence is opening up to contemporary art and it’s a positive thing, but an alternative is needed to institutional art.”

Currently facing charges for despoiling the landscape, he added, “This is the best response. This way they can judge whether it’s an eyesore or not.”

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