The Nile in Pompeii

Egyptian exhibition at Palestra Grande

Editorial Staff
May 8, 2016 - 9:53

The exhibition “The Nile in Pompeii” recently opened at Pompeii’s Palestra Grande.


The show’s centrepiece is a group of eight statues, on loan from the Egyptian Museum in Turin, from the fifteenth to the fourteenth centuries BCE, seven of which depict the sun god Sekhmet and one of the pharaoh Thutmose I. The exhibition also features loans from the Naples Archeological Museum, including frescoes, copies of statues and multimedia features.

“We wanted to recreate the same atmosphere that the archaeologists saw when they discovered it in the mid-seventeenth century,” said Massimo Osanna, superintendent of Pompeii’s archaeological site.

The exhibition, which runs through November 2, is part of a larger project by the Egyptian Museum of Turin, with concurrent exhibitions in Turin, Pompeii and Naples, where an exhibition focused on the Eastern religions that Egypt brought to the region of Campania will open on June 28 at the Naples Archeological Museum.

Additional information is available here

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