TheFLR Issue One authors revealed

TheFLR editorial board announces contributors

Editorial Staff
May 31, 2016 - 10:41

The editorial board of TheFLR proudly announces the authors we can look forward to reading in Issue One of The Florentine Literary Review, out this October.

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Luciano Funetta


LUCIANO FUNETTA (Gioia del Colle, 1986). Author of the independent bestseller Dalle rovine (Tunué) and selected for the Strega Prize 2016 long list.


Alessandro Leogrande

ALESSANDRO LEOGRANDE (Taranto, 1977). Vice director of monthly magazine Lo straniero. Contributes to newspapers and journals as well as presenting programmes for Radiotre. In 2008 he published Uomini e caporali. Viaggio tra i nuovi schiavi nelle campagne del Sud (Napoli Prize-Book of the Year, Sandro Onofri Prize, Omegna Prize and Biblioteche di Roma Prize) for Strade Blu Mondadori. His most recent book is Il naufragio. Morte nel Mediterraneo (Feltrinelli), which won him the Ryszard Kapuściński and Paolo Volponi Prizes. He edited an anthology of soccer stories for Minimum Fax, Ogni maledetta domenica (2010).


Luca Ricci

LUCA RICCI (Pisa, 1974). He published Il piede nel letto (Alacrán, 2005, Cocito-Montà d'Alba Prize), L'amore e altre forme d'odio (Einaudi, 2006, Chiara Prize), La persecuzione del rigorista (Einaudi, 2008), Come scrivere un best seller in 57 giorni (Laterza, 2009) and Mabel dice sì (Einaudi, 2012).


Elisa Ruotolo

ELISA RUOTOLO (Santa Maria a Vico, 1975). She teaches Italian at a high school. She made her publishing debut with Edizioni Nottetempo in 2010, with the collection Ho rubato la pioggia, winning the Renato Fucini Prize and finalist in the Carlo Cocito Prize 2010. In 2014 she published Ovunque, proteggici, selected for the Strega Prize 2014.


Filippo Tuena

FILIPPO TUENA (Rome, 1953). Winner of the Grinzane Cavour Prize in 1999 for Tutti i sognatori, the Bagutta Prize 2006 for Le variazioni Reinach and the Viareggio Prize in 2007 for Ultimo parallelo. In 1992 he was awarded the Bagutta-Opera Prima for Lo sguardo della paura.


Elena Valvello

ELENA VARVELLO (Turin, 1971). She published the collection of poems Perseveranza è salutare (Portofranco, 2002) and Atlanti (Canopo, 2004). With the collection of short stories ‘L'economia delle cose’ (Fandango, 2007) she won the Settembrini Prize and was selected for the Strega Prize. In 2008 she won the Bagutta Opera prima Prize. In 2011 she published her first novel, La luce perfetta del giorno (Fandango). For Einaudi she published La vita felice (2016). Varvello teaches at the Scuola Holden in Turin.


Mariagiorgia Ulbar Mariagiorgia Ulbar

MARIAGIORGIA ULBAR (Teramo, 1981). She has been published in literary magazines Lo straniero, Le voci della luna, Tratti, Nuovi argomenti, La hotra revista and the Arance di mezzanotte collections (ElitEdizioni, 1999), I fiori dolci e le foglie velenose (Maremmi, 2012) and Su pietre tagliate e smosse all'interno dell'Undicesimo quaderno italiano di poesia contemporanea (Marcos y Marcos, 2012). Her short illustrated poem Osnabrück has been published in limited editions as well as the first six postcards of the Poste/Poesie project and, for Collana Isola, Transcontinentale illustrated plaquettes.


Marco Simonelli

MARCO SIMONELLI (Florence, 1979). Poet, translator and performer. He debuted with his short story in verse ‘Memorie di un casamento ferroviere del '66’. In 2004 he published his dramatic poem ‘Sesto Sebastian – Trittico per scampata peste riscrittura omoerotica del martirio di San Sebastiano’, whose words were used in a vocal performance. In 2007 he published ‘Palinsesti - Canzoniere Catodico’. In 2009 he won the Russo – Mazzacurati Prize with ‘Will - 24 sonetti’. For Black Sun Productions he wrote ‘Hotel Oriente’, a poem for vocals and electronic. In 2011 he published ‘L'estate sta finendo’ and in 2012 ‘Firenze Mare’ appeared in Poesia Contemporanea. Undicesimo Quaderno Italiano.

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