What to do in Arezzo: a perfect weekend

Small city, grand experience

Oonagh Stransky
June 1, 2016 - 15:35

During the June 2 maxi-ponte weekend, take a day trip and get to know Arezzo. At only 1 hour 20 minutes by train from Florence Santa Maria Novella, the city offers a change of pace with something for everyone.




On Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June, the streets will be lined with Fiera Antiquaria's stands and vendors selling antiques and vintage pieces, modern art and furnishings, knickknacks and artisanal crafts.




Drop into Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi at the top of the corso Italia, and take in the exhibit of objects related to the 19th-century Grand Tour: maps, games, notebooks and personal articles that travelers took with them, as well as classic paintings of views of Rome and the surrounding countryside. Enjoy a visit to the rooftop terrace, and see the columns of the Pieve Santa Maria in an unprecedented manner.


Restoration in progress Restoration in progress


Art history lovers: visit the RICERCA restoration laboratory (on via Mazzini, which connects piazza San Francesco to corso Italia), where the team is currently working on the restoration of a magnificent 14th-century Lorenzetti altarpiece on loan to them from the Pieve di S. Maria by the Diocese. Marzia, Paola and Isabella will be happy to explain the procedure, their discoveries and their goals. For appointments, contact [email protected].




Kids will enjoy visiting the Roman amphitheater, but the best place to throw a Frisbee or kick a ball is at the Prato park situated just above the Duomo.





Borgo S. Piero (via Andrea Cesalpino 18, Arezzo / 0575 350115) serves a mouthwatering selection of traditional dishes. Grab a number, order at the counter and take a seat.




Scolapasta (via Guido Monaco 25, Arezzo / 334 353 5405) is a newish restaurant with excellent homemade pastas and fun décor. Perfect for lunch.


Torre di Gnicche (piaggia S. Martino 8, Arezzo / 0575 352035), just off piazza Grande, has delicious bruschetta and an excellent selection of wines.


Vineria del Corso


Vineria del Corso (corso Italia 88, Arezzo / 0575 1655929), just below the Casa Bruschi, although small, has delicious salads and specialty platters – try their carpaccio. (They also have a B&B, or rather a bed&wine!)


The best thin-crusted pizza is available at family-owned La Galleria (via Giuseppe Verdi 31, Arezzo / 0575 24784), which is located at the base of the Corso, near the station. The perfect way to end your day.


For more information or to alert our correspondent to news in the Arezzo, please write to [email protected].


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