Florentine DJs to rock your summer

Florentine DJs to rock your summer

Wed 29 Jun 2016 5:15 PM

Choosing the right dance floor can become quite an ordeal when surveying an unknown club scene. Here at The Florentine we believe that sore feet are proof of a night well spent, so let us introduce you to some suave master mixers that will fill your Florentine summer with unforgettable all-nighters.


Ricardo Baez


Creator of the successful clubbing format “Tropical Animals”, young Italo-Venezuelan Ricardo Baez is one of Florence’s most active deejays and event planners. “This summer we will move to open-air club Tamburello, where we will be showcasing international and national acts. We’ll also be serving up signature vibes at cocktail bar Rivalta’s sun-filled aperitivo.” His main inspirations were his sax-playing father, pop-loving dance-teaching mother and the overseas pioneers of Detroit techno and Chicago house. Over the past six years, Ricardo has hosted big names like Gesaffelstein and Caribou.
Ricardo’s summer beats: Harvey Sutherland, Bermuda
Don’t miss: every Thursday at Rivalta Café, lungarno Corsini 14R + Tamburello, via del Fosso Macinante 13




Eclectic master of turntablism, Francesco “Biga” Bigazzi started courting music at age 16, when he first discovered funk and soul vibes at Florence’s Soulciety Club. It was here, with his partner in crime Millelemmi (who went on to become one of Florence’s most renowned MCs), that he first met Dre Love, a Florence-based New York musician whose knowledge swept young Biga off his feet. Another breakthrough moment occurred in 1997 when his eardrums quivered to the sound of King of Diggin, a mixtape by Japanese deejay Muro. “The way he masterfully combined different genres blew my mind,” says Francesco. Not only is he ace at mixing vinyl, he also works as a bartender at Florence’s hip sandwich joint Amblé. “Florence’s deejay scene is packed. Unfortunately, we lack the necessary elbow room—how can you foster club culture when you don’t have any clubs?”
Biga’s summer beats: DJ Muro, King of Diggin
Don’t miss: July 7 at the Easy Living urban beach of San Niccolò


Ckrono & Slesh


This cutting-edge duo combines contemporary bass culture and ghetto music. Gianluca “Ckrono” Daiichiro and Matteo “Slesh” Rondelli have been shaking Florence’s club scene with their epic remixes and toured worldwide with their 2016 EP Kayapo. They are the official selectahs of the prestigious Pitti Fashion Week, Ckrono & Slesh and resident deejays of “El Barrio”, a clubbing format will heat up the alfresco area of San Salvi’s Closer Club this summer.
Ckrono & Slesh’s summer beats: Tronicbox, What Do You Mean It’s 1985
Don’t miss: every Thursday at Closer Summer, via di San Salvi, pad. 16


Michael Byrne

Ph. Matteo Lodolo

50% American, 50% Italian, 100% talented. Michael has been deejaying since 2004 and until 2012 he was also the music supervisor of luxury retailer Luisa Via Roma. His sound spans from electronic beats to funk, hip hop, soul and jazz.
“I am a compulsive crate digger with an unchallenged taste for rare vinyl,” says Michael, who is now one of the shop managers of Move On Records in piazza del Duomo and music assistant of well-known label Crosstown Rebels.
Michael’s summer beats: Herb Geller, Sudden Senility
Don’t miss: July 1 at the Giardino dell’Orticultura, every Tuesday at the Anconella gardens and every Thursday at local favorite Off Bar


DJ Cole


30-year-old Daniele “Cole” Colella has spent half his life on the dance floor and is a true alchemist when it comes to working up a sweat. For over a decade he has been supplying beats as resident deejay of Florence’s legendary Tenax club, which reopens on September 17. Alongside his inseparable business partner Philipp, he has created some of Tuscany’s most memorable parties. “My uncle is a deejay and introduced me to this art, but it was only later on that I decided that I wanted to do this for a living. I like to see people having fun and dancing. There are so many things in this world that are solely based on creating factions—music is all about shared experiences”. When it comes to music DJ Cole does not believe in genres, only two simple categories: bad and good.
Cole’s summer beats: Nuyorican Soul, It’s alright
Don’t miss: every Friday at Bahia Café, via Gastone Nencini, Barberino di Mugello (info here)

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