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July 15, 2016 - 10:26

In the collective imagination, the word “Tuscany” is associated with art-filled cities, grassy green fields, cypress trees and cuisine—but there’s so much more to it than those clichés. On social networks, famous Tuscan monuments are always smashing successes, generating countless “likes” and comments from followers all around the world. Ever more frequently, though, we find that not all of the region’s scenic areas and cities are highlighted in equal measure.


As photo editors, curators and creators of #TuscanyBuzz, over time, we’ve noticed countless iconic images among the 100,000+ photos taken and shared by Instagramers using our official hashtag. A quick survey of the snapshots shows that the Ponte Vecchio, Brunelleschi’s dome, piazza del Campo in Siena, the leaning tower of Pisa and piazza dell’Anfiteatro in Lucca dominate the stream.


The same stream is largely (and unfortunately) lacking in cities and provinces in the northern part of the region—think Massa Carrara, Viareggio and Pietrasanta. Another conspicuously absent gem is beautiful Pistoia: albeit smaller than nearby Florence, it has plenty to offer on its own.


The list could go on for ages: where’s Prato? What about the green Mugello? Then there’s the Pisan province, not to mention Grosseto, Arezzo and the Val di Chiana; the Casentino; the magnificent Maremma; the incredible islands of the Tuscan Archipelago; and the Etruscan coast of Livorno and its surrounding province, dotted with beaches and hills begging to tell their stories.


Hashtag #hiddentuscany Hashtag #hiddentuscany


Our Buzz Team, along with the dynamic staff of The Tuscan Times, has aimed to showcase these sorts of spots and stories numerous times. Now, uniting our efforts, we’re putting out a call to all of the Instagram users who follow our profiles, asking them to share with us the more hidden treasures of this awe-inspiring region.


We would never tell you to totally dismiss the grand classics, but we encourage you to keep your eyes open: uncover the unconventional Tuscany, highlighting what you hold dear about this special place. We’re asking you to be our eyes, our “Insta-reporters” around the various cities, and share the best of what you find, using the hashtag that Tuscany Buzz and The Tuscan Times have chosen for this project: #hiddentuscany.


Each week, Tuscany Buzz and the staff of The Tuscan Times will share at least one of your images—crediting the author, of course—on our respective Instagram profiles. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s share our hidden treasures!

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