How you can help Central Italy earthquake victims
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How you can help Central Italy earthquake victims

Thu 25 Aug 2016 9:49 AM

The world watches grief-stricken as the death toll continues to rise in the aftermath of the 6.0 earthquake that shook Central Italy in the early hours of August 24, 2016. As Italy mobilizes to provide much needed support to victims, official organizations are asking the public to act in a coordinated manner. Here is how you can help.




PROTEZIONE CIVILE: SMS / If you are in Italy you can donate 2 euro with an SMS or landline phone call to the Protezione Civile’s hotline at number 45500


Donation graphic from the CRI

Donation graphic from the CRI


RED CROSS / The CRI, Italian Red Cross, is active in the areas affected by the earthquake with 420 operators and volunteers to date. They have activated a bank account that accepts donations via wire transfer. In the name of “Croce Rossa Italiana”, state “Terremoto Centro Italia”; IBAN: IT40F0623003204000030631681, SWIFT CRPPIT2P086 or donate on their website.

If you are living outside of Italy you can donate via the International Red Cross.


ANCI / The ANCI (Associazione Nazionale di Comuni Italiani) is coordinating donations from cities and residents through the following bank account: In the name of “ANCI”, state ‘Emergenza terremoto centro Italia’; IBAN: IT27A 06230 03202 000056748129 . For details see their website in Italian.


CHURCHES / Caritas Italiana and Caritas Ambrosiana have both allocated sizeable donations and invite the faithful to do their part. The Chiesa Cattolica Italiana has announced that donations will be collected in church on September 18, 2016, on the occasion of the 26th National Eurcharistic Congress. A bank account for donations is available through the Caritas Italiana.


PARTITO DEMOCRATICO / The political party PD (Partito Democratico) has opened a bank account to collect funds at the following address: IT96H0103003200000006365314, SWIFT/Bic: PASCITMMROM, reason “Partito Democratico Raccolta Fondi per Terremoto”. Funds can also be donated at any of the Festa dell’Unità taking place in Italy; for information see their website.




Croce Rossa volunteers assista in Amatrice | Photo: S.O.N - Sala Operativa Nazionale Croce Rossa Italiana (on Facebook)

Croce Rossa volunteers assista in Amatrice | Photo: S.O.N – Sala Operativa Nazionale Croce Rossa Italiana (on Facebook)


PROTEZIONE CIVILE / The Protezione Civile for the city of Florence has a direct line to the affected area and is collecting lists of what you are willing to donate via email. Please send an email to with details of what you can make available. They are passing this information to ground personnel, and based on what is needed, they will be in touch to receive your donation. This ensures that material is not stockpiled but only what is most necessary will be donated. The same applies for the larger metropolitan area of Florence – if you live there, you should write an email to


DROP OFF POINTS IN FLORENCE / While official channels like the Protezione Civile are not stockpiling donations, various associations and persons have organized drop off points and events. Many are being indicated on the Facebook page of the Brigate di Solidarietà (in Italian). Here is what we have been able to find in Florence.


  • Sports association Padovani di Firenze: the drop off point for Florence is at Impianto Sportivo Padovani, Viale P.Paoli 23 Firenze (near the stadium), inside the Pallone. Request bottled water, diapers, hygiene products, blankets, comfortable clothing for all genders and sizes, socks and shoes. For info call +39 392 5526607. **PLEASE NOTE** This donation point has momentarily suspended its collection. More information to follow.
  • CPA Firenze Sud: drop off point at Via Villamagna 27A (Gavinana area), information on this Facebook event organized by CPA, a “Centro popolare occupato e autogestito”.
  • Agip in piazza Alberti, across from Villa Arrivabene, City of Florence Quartiere 2 offices. Items will then be stockpiled inside the Villa. Collection this week is only during mornings; starting next week, it will extend to afternoons. **PLEASE NOTE** This donation point has momentarily suspended its collection. More information to follow.
  • Christian non-profit association “Fiumi d’acqua viva” ONLUS, the diaconal agency of the United Protestant Church “Agape” of Florence and the Parrocchia Veterocattolica “S. Vincenzo di Lerins”: collection points at the Casa del Popolo in Settignano (via S. Romano, 1) and, opening August 26, at the bar “Da nonna papera” (via della Rondinella, 51, Florence). Bring water, long-life milk, long-life food, clothes, batteries, torches, basic medicines, disinfectants, nappies, personal hygiene supplies. **PLEASE NOTE** This donation point has momentarily suspended its collection. More information to follow.




The Region of Tuscany has launched an appeal for blood donations of all types. Those willing should book a time slot (don’t just show up) at any hospital in the region. A full list is available here.



The town worst hit by the earthquake, Amatrice, is home to the much-loved pasta dish, spaghetti all’Amatriciana, which would have been celebrated with a sagra at Amatrice this weekend. Food blogger Paolo Campana has launched the campaign #AMAtriciana in coordination with restaurants around Italy who will match 1 euro donations by clients ordering this dish; funds will be sent to the Red Cross. In the United States, the campaign has picked up particular steam in New York and Los Angeles (Foodiamo has established partnerships with several area restaurants).





The Ministry of Arts (MiBACT) has just announced that entrance fees to state museums on Sunday August 28, 2016, will be donated to the affected areas.



The Antinori family has announced that all entrance fees to its Winery in Chianti Classico on Sunday August 28, 2016, will be donated to the affected areas.


If you are organizing donations and initiatives to support the victims of the August 24, 2016 earthquake, please email details to or comment on this article below.


Article last updated at 9:27am August 26, 2016

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