Italian government initiative for teenagers

290 million euro to boost education

Editorial Staff
September 8, 2016 - 11:50

The Italian government has earmarked 290 million euro as a culture kitty for teenagers. 

Effective September 15, every 18-year-old is entitled to 500 euro per year to be spent on cultural activities, such as attending concerts, buying books and trips to the cinema. Italian youngsters will be able to sign up online and spend the money through the app

Tommaso Nannicini, the junior minister heading up the scheme, commented, “It sends a clear message, a welcome, for those who reach 18, and a reminder of how vital culture is for personal enrichment and for strengthening the country’s social fabric.”

Alice Priami, from Pistoia who turned 18 in February, welcomed the move, although she had doubts about its implementation. “I looked it up online, but couldn’t find much information. I hope it will be available to all 18-year-olds.” When asked how she would spend the bonus, she replied, “On books, trips to museums and the cinema.”

The culture bonus, if implemented across the board, will prove a helping hand to Italy’s youth, who face a difficult future due to high unemployment and an economy that has performed poorly for years.

The scheme is also available to EU citizens living in Italy.


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