Backstreets of Florence

Backstreets of Florence

Fri 07 Oct 2016 12:48 PM

To photograph is to write with light.

Whether oblique, filtered or backlit, light is the common denominator that runs through this photo story by Lorenzo Concas. His choice to capture scenes vertically accentuates the perspective of the alleyways and his colours are original to the city—with the Florentine yellow dominant in the facades of buildings and in the shades of the stones; the blues of the cobbles and the just-after-sunset (the “Blue Hour”).

Early in the morning before work, or after-office during the aperitivo hour, you might come across Lorenzo and his camera in one of those streets rarely trodden by tourists, the likes of via Lambertesca, via dello Sprone, via dell’Anguillara, via delle Terme, borgo Santi Apostoli, chiasso dei Baroncelli, chiasso del Buco, via della Condotta, via Bufalini, via della Colonna, via dell’Oriuolo, costa San Giorgio, costa de’ Magnoli, via dei Ramaglianti, chiasso Ricasoli, and countless others that you find on his Instagram profile.

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