Pole dancing in Florence

A new approach to fitness

Michelle Davis
October 7, 2016 - 14:33

While “polls” wreak havoc overseas, here in Italy people have started dancing around them or, at least, their homophonous counterpart.


Yes, pole dancing has become a widespread craze all over the boot, and even Florence has its share of places where you can experience the surprising benefits of this acrobatic exercise.

Although commonly associated with lewd nightclub lairs, pole dancing is shaking off its stigmas and has become a competitive sport—there actually was a petition for it to enter the 2016 Olympics!—renowned for its fitness perks: it helps fight stress, builds stamina and self-confidence, and enhances kinesthetic awareness. Stretching strengthens and sculpts without bulking, while constant core balancing exercises build resistance.

Workout wonders are guaranteed at Pole&Postural Academy founded by Iliana Ciccarello near piazza Beccaria (via Frá Giovanni Angelico 3a, Florence, and also in Prato at viale della Repubblica, 293). Alongside special workshops and teacher training, it also offers courses for juniors and teens, intended to develop muscular flexibility and coordination. Rita Conte’s Pole Dancing Academy (Via Don Giulio Facibeni 3, near Careggi) is less central, but is nevertheless worth taking a bus for its varied classes and bachelorette parties.

When choosing a gym, always make sure to check for a POLEXGYM certification. There are no restrictions when it comes to weight, height, age or sex. So just grip the pole and take it for a spin!

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27 days and 23 hours and 19 minutes ago
Buonasera sig.na Davis, complimenti per la splendida recensione. Volevo solo farle presente un paio di correzioni: - La "Pole&Postural Academy" ha spostato la sede di Prato in Via Valentini, 18. - Esiste un metodo di insegnamento, che si chiama "POLE&POSTURAL" creato da Iliana Ciccarello parallelo al metodo POLEXGYM. Se potesse fare queste modifiche le saremmo grati. Saluti