The Florentine’s resident filmmaker, David Battistella, debuted a new film last weekend at a spontaneous opening party, which attracted hundreds to Florence’s new contemporary gallery Keil Art Bronze featuring the work of London (now Florence-based) sculptor Samantha Keil.



Battistella’s new film, titled ‘The Keil Waxes’, is all about tension.



“The tension that lies between dimensions and the tension that both separates and holds together every particle in existence. This film is about movement, change, the macro and the micro. It connects music, harmonics and vibrational frequencies to drawings on paper, leading us to form, in the form of the finished sculptures.”



The film is currently screening on the gallery’s massive nine-panel monitor wall. Sam Keil is an internationally renowned artist who has lived and worked all over the world including Toronto, New York, London and now Florence. 



“I’m really happy to have opened Keil Art Bronze in Florence. We’ve been made to feel really welcome ever since we arrived in the city last year. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this project a reality, especially to David who’s made such a fantastic film. Watch this space—we’ll be doing a lot more cool stuff here over the coming year. New bronzes, new waxes, more super-detailed photo wall panels, more audiovisual material, and my new thing: light boxes.”



The gallery is located at via dei Fossi 3/5r and is open every weekday. For more information, see

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