A Valentine’s playlist

A Valentine’s playlist

Here is a mix of recently released romantic Tuscan tunes to help indie-serenade your loved one.

Tue 07 Feb 2017 8:47 AM

To avoid a corny-ucopia of syrupy ballads and the umpteenth Valentine’s Day massacre of your eardrums, here is a mix of crisp, recently released romantic Tuscan tunes (and useful amorous quotes) to help indie-serenade your loved one in the language of Dante.





1) Hibou Moyen Miei Nodi – “Scioglierò I tuoi nodi alla gola e tu sceglierai un colore per me”

(I will release you from your fears and you will choose a color, just for me)



2) L’Albero Dichiarazione – “Dietro di me mani stese perché ogni cosa mi porta da te”

(I stretch my hands backwards for everything leads me to you)



3) Manitoba Ti Schianterai Contro di Me – “è un livido il tuo posto vuoto, ti muovi nel mio sangue”

(Your absence is like a throbbing bruise, you move in my blood)



4) Motta Sei bella davvero – “Ti sei tolta le scarpe/ E ti sei messa a ballare/ Sai sognare per gioco/ E sei bella davvero”

(You took off your shoes and started dancing. Your dreams are like games and you are a true beauty)



5) Piet Mondrian Un Dio Ovunque – “Ho visto un dio nelle tue mani/ ci ho visto un dio senza problemi/ di cui non so ancora come fidarmi ma vorrei”

(I’ve seen a god move between your fingers/ I’ve seen it quite effortlessly/ although I still struggle to believe it)


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