Pisa is well-known for its thriving science and technology sectors, and visitors will soon have a chance to see the ground floor of a revolutionary project, Virgo, designed to detect gravitational waves predicted by the theory of relativity.

Language school New York English Academy has teamed up with American scientist Daniel Hoak to host “Einstein in Tuscany,” a rare in-person opportunity to learn about the Virgo experiment, see it presented in “layperson’s” English and tour Pisa’s gravitational wave observatory.

Hoak and Virgo are affiliated with the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC), a gravitational wave-focused group of international physics institutes.

The day at the observatory (June 10, 10am to 1pm) will include numerous children’s activities and a chance to share thoughts over a vegetarian lunch buffet. Round-trip transportation between the European Gravitational Observatory and Pisa Centrale station will be available. Participation costs are 35 euro for adults and 20 euro for children. For additional information and tickets, call 346.2128055 or email [email protected]