Bistecca: prepare, cut and weigh

Bistecca: prepare, cut and weigh

Fri 12 May 2017 3:31 PM


BISTECCA , a product design project developed by Pierpaolo Nieri, a student attending the three-year course in Interior Design at IED Firenze.

The project was awarded second prize in the ARTEX “SCENARI DI INNOVAZIONE” contest.



A chopping board or a scale?

Easy, it’s both!


Bistecca was designed to accelerate and improve cooking methods.

Prepare, cut and weigh.

That’s what you can do with this “smart” chopping board.

The board is made from wood and white Carrara marble, two specific materials used in kitchen tools, different but also similar.

The Bistecca handle is made from wood with a hole in the center, easy and comfortable to handle and hang up.

The marble part is useful not only for cutting but also as a backlight. The highest part of the chopping board has a little LED screen showing the weight of the food.


Artex is the Center for Artistic and Traditional Craftsmanship in Tuscany and promotes innovation and development of artistic and traditional handicrafts.


Each Artex activity is supported by the Steering Committee comprising experts in the field, a partnership allowing the consolidation of synergies with top national and international organizations, as well as constant analysis of the business world and its markets.



Three-year course in INTERIOR DESIGN held at the ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN in Florence


Interior design is an articulated system in which the process of designing spaces interacts with those of designing lighting, materials, colours and furnishings.


Every interior designer has to come to terms with the topics of designing hospitality, wellness and commercial interiors, designing lighting and furnishings, all of which are sectors that derive major impulses from changing human behavioural patterns and environmental issues.



IED Firenze. For almost 50 years, the Istituto Europeo di Design has been operating in the fields of education and research in the disciplines of design, fashion, visual communication and management. Today, the IED is an ever-expanding international network that issues first-level academic diplomas and organises three-year courses, master’s courses, continued professional development and advanced training courses.

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