The Medici Dynasty Show has captured public attention with its intriguing plot and masterful acting, and the 2017 edition promises to go even further with an emphatic and original exhibition.

Ph. Luca Morgantini

From June 9 to November 8, the organizers behind the theatre production are moving beyond the stage with the exhibition “Who Owns The Arts? An Alchemy of Power, Art and Legacy”, focusing on the intertwining definitions of three words that have long defined the Medici family. In an effort to support contemporary art, the show will draw deep connections between the era of the Medici and their influential impact on Renaissance art and the work of today’s street artists, who often practice in the name of revolution, resistance, empowerment and anti-ownership. Some of Florence’s best-known street artists will be highlighted, including Blub, James Boy, Moradi il Sedicente and Yuri Hopnn.

Il Fuligno cloister
Via Faenza 48 - Tel. 349 1310441 - MDS website
Tuesday–Sunday: 9am–9pm; Monday: 9am–6pm
Closed August 4–September 7 for holiday