The different flavors of Firenze fashion

The different flavors of Firenze fashion

Fri 07 Jul 2017 10:55 AM

Italy may be the land of love, but let’s be real: it’s the food and the fashion that speak straight to our souls. Firenze is home to as many different flavors of style as it is gelato.

There are as many flavors of Florentine style as there are gelato. | Ph. Rachel Elam at La Carraia 2

Like the artistry of mixing flavors in the back kitchen of the gelato shop, Florentine fashion is about blending. The women who grace the Florentine cityscape aren’t focused on singular name brands, but thrive on the richness of combining labels, textures, styles, and accessories which are all used to fold together a signature look.

In Florence, freedom to embrace individuality drives fashion, in the same way seasonal fruits and berries drive our tastes in sweets. A very rich trend that shows exquisite taste is the classy stracciatella skirts that fall right at the ankles. Add a pair of flashy sneakers and a fur coat, and you will be ready for any sundae—or Sunday, so to speak.

Looking for something richer with a bolder finish, like a strong mocha flavor buried in the farthest corner of the case? Try a velvet blazer with distressed washed out jeans revealing small spots of fishnets. Unashamed, direct, and passionate, this bold look has a life of its own as it saunters toward you on the sidewalk.

As different as these two looks are, both have characteristics that are a must on the streets of Tuscany. Some days may be cooler than others, which is why it is always necessary to have a universal coat or umbrella so that one’s style does not melt away, like a double scoop on a sunny afternoon.

If one fashion trend were the figurative “vanilla” of the fashion gelato case—an essential, that is—it would be a great pair of bombachas also known as gauchos. As versatile and comfortable as our classic flavor, these high-waisted dressy pants are loosely fitted and seemingly omnipresent.      

With a city this beautiful and so many flavors to try, many people wear versatile outfits that can be fitting for different occasions eliminating the need to have a mid-day costume change. The look can be carried even further by a slightly zestier, yet still classic essential, the leather jacket. Taking your vanilla cone to an elaborate sundae in no time.

Trying on different flavors of clothing is always a “do” in Tuscany. There are so many different clothing combinations and techniques that can be made to make for the perfect flavor for you. All you need is a little Tuscan confidence, a taste of gelato and you’re set.


Photos and text by Rachel Elam
Article in partnership with IED Firenze

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