An open call for illustrators: TheFLR Issue 3

Pray or prey, the theme is Sacred

Editorial Staff
December 12, 2017 - 18:15

TheFLR. The Florentine Literary Review is looking for a talented illustrator to add lines and layers to its third issue.





The bilingual literary magazine’s editorial board is putting the finishing touches to its selection of short story authors and poets who will delight the pages of the third edition of the publication, but we’re still missing an essential ingredient. The illustrator of TheFLR will be a central character, an author in his or her own right, whose pen or pencil will etch the diverse stories of the magazine according to his or her personal style and own take on the theme of the Holy/Il Sacro.




Issue One of The FLR launched in October 2016 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, followed by Issue Two in May 2017. The project has been met with critical acclaim in Italy and internationally. Get your copy here.



How to apply

Email a link to a portfolio of your illustration or by attaching pdfs or jpegs of at least five examples of your style. Your application will be deemed as acceptance of the terms and conditions of the project as stated below.

Applications must be sent by email to [email protected] and [email protected] by the final stroke of midnight on December 18, 2017.



The project

Production of one cover illustration (which will establish the style of TheFLR magazine) + 8 illustrations (one for each poem and for each short story). At layout style our graphic designers may choose to use motifs from the illustrators to design other pages in the magazine.

Deadline for all illustrations: February 1, 2018. (The editorial content will be sent to the illustrator in batches, beginning early January 2018)

Fee 300 euro + VAT + 10 copies of TheFLR Issue Three



In collaboration with Forward.


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